Risk Management Alerts

2017 Risk Alerts
Ice Dam Prevention
Urgent Facilities Information
Air Pollution and School Activities
Swing Gate Safety
Fingerprinting Volunteers
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Situational Awareness
Sidewalks and Walkway Liability Issues

Gym Floors

Best Practices - Background Checks and the Hiring Process
Vandalism & Theft

When Others Use Your Facilities: Are You Protected?

Archived Risk Alerts
5 Steps to Reduce the Risk of Water Heater Failure
Guidelines: Parents Purchasing Football Helmets
Mandatory Public Officials Training
Phishing Scams: Don't Get Hooked
Safety and Security - Prepare, Plan, and Implement!
      Identifying Potentially Violent Students

Track & Field Safety Guidelines for Throwing Events
Use of Drones/UAS: What You Need to Know
Washington State Department of Labor & Industries: Volunteer Reporting Information
Wheelchair Safety and Securement