Risk Control Services

Controlling and Minimizing Prospective Losses
Risk Management is the process of identifying potential risk and mitigating prospective losses that could occur as a result of that risk. Our risk control team provides a personalized risk control product tailored specifically for your district.

We believe sound risk management is the backbone for the tremendous success USIP has enjoyed for years. Our aggressive, proactive, approach keeps losses to a minimum while maintaining quality service, broad coverage, and competitive rates.

Our staff takes the extra time to understand the individual environment unique to each USIP member. If your district has a specific area of concern, we will customize a program to fit your needs.

Our process consists of identifying, analyzing, and evaluating potential exposures. In addition, we provide recommendation and control measures that will reduce the frequency, severity, and effect of losses for a district and its staff. Services are conducted with sensitivity to budgets and entity needs, while maintaining flexibility in implementing recommendations. 

On-site Risk Control Services
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Facility Inspections
Vo-Tech Services
Maintenance and Grounds Operations
Food Services
Laboratory safety
Summer Camps/School Educational Trips
Athletic Programs
Fleet Management
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On-site Risk Control Services
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 To schedule any of the risk control services, please contact Clear Risk Solutions at:  800.407.2027 or email at [email protected].